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Security Supervisor Skills Course 

Certified by the Security Institute of Ireland
(6 Days Duration)

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About this course:


The purpose of the Security Supervisor Skills Course is to enable the learner to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills required by those engaged in or wishing to progress to supervisory level within a security department or company. 

This course is accredited by the Security Institute of Ireland and is approved by the Private Security Authority.


Learning Outcomes:


● Know the range of functions, duties, and responsibilities of the security supervisor. 

● Be familiar with procedures for site assessment and drafting of instructions. 

● Develop an insight into recommended practices for the employment of operational staff in the security industry. 

● Understand the requirements for, and develop the skills of, induction level industry trainers. 

● Draft procedures based on best practices for site supervision of operational staff. 8.6 appreciate the value of policies for staff welfare and development.


This course comprises six units. 


Unit 1 Duties and Responsibilities. 

Unit 2 Assignment Assessment and Instructions. 

Unit 3 Employment of Operational Staff.

Unit 4 Operational Staff Training. 

Unit 5 Operational Staff Supervision.

Unit 6 Operational Staff Welfare and Development.


Course Delivery: 

This programme is delivered through a blended learning approach with 6 days of direct contact between trainer and student over four weeks. The online training is 6 sessions on a Monday and Tuesday from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm each day.

This course duration allows the participants the correct amount of time to complete the required self-directed aspect of the programme.


Assessment Criteria


Portfolio Coursework 100%

Course Requirements

  • All candidates will require a laptop or desktop or tablet to attend the program. (A smartphone is not sufficient). Participants are required to complete a pre-course interview online prior to confirming a place on the course just so we can check everyone's tech, etc is in order. 

  • Candidates must submit a photocopy of their passport or drivers’ licence, proof of address, and their PPS number during the registration process.

  • Candidates must have access to reliable broadband coverage for the duration of this program.

  • Candidates must have a suitable space, free of distractions from which to log onto the course each day.

  • Candidates must attend ALL scheduled Virtual classroom sessions.

  • The Course price is €480.00 including all certifications and associated programme costs.


Required information


All participants are required to bring a form of identification (Passport, Driver's Licence, or Public Services Card) and 2 Passport size photographs.


The price for this course is €480.00 which includes administration and certification.

Further Assistance:

If you have any questions about the above course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link below.


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