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Retail Security 

Retail Security (5 Days Duration) 

Accredited by
The Security Institute of Ireland


About this course:


This Retail Security Training Course is an excellent choice for learners who wish to develop a career within the Retail Security industry enabling them to carry out the professional duties of a security officer, our instructors have worked in retail for many years and trained high profile retail security teams, many of whom have gone on to receive industry awards.


Our Retail Security programme is also a good choice for those who are working or wish to work within the retail industry providing you with additional skills to bring to your role.


Retail Security is aimed at providing knowledge of security procedures to staff and management working within the retail sector. This module of training will provide the learner with a working knowledge of personal and store security procedures and loss prevention techniques.


It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to up-skill to prepare for future employment.

This course is accredited by the Security Institute of Ireland and is approved by the Private Security Authority.


The following areas are completed in this programme:


● Duties of a Retail Security Officer.

● Security Procedures to reduce the risk of theft and damage.

● Administration and Record-Keeping associated with Retail Security.

● Security of people, stock, and premises.

On completion of this course participants will:


● Clearly, understand the roles and responsibilities associated with the Retail Security Officer.

● Can carry out the duties and procedures required as a Retail Officer.

● Gain the skills to respond appropriately to various security incidents and emergencies.

● Identify potential risks to in-house security.

● Recognise potential threatening behaviors and traits.

● Implement security procedures to reduce the risk of theft and damage.

● Summarise the legal implications of making an arrest or detaining a suspect.

● Explain what forms of record-keeping are appropriate for retail security.

● Communicate accurate information about security incidents to appropriate persons.




50 Multiple Choice Questions & 3 Practicle Assessments.


Course Delivery:


This course is delivered in person or online. 

Please note that all training spaces meet social distancing requirements.All participants must be available at the time of training.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience is necessary. 

Required Information:


All participants must bring a form of identification (Passport, Drivers Licence, or Public Services Card) and 2 passports sized photos.


The price for this course is €235.00 which includes administration and certification.


Further Assistance:


If you have any questions about the above course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link below.

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