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Stadium Steward Security 

Accredited by The Security Institute of Ireland.
(4 Days Duration)

The purpose of the Stadium Steward Security Training Course is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill, and competence to act as a steward in a sports stadium.

This course is accredited by the Security Institute of Ireland. 


Learning Outcomes:


● Analyse best practice policies and procedures on the management of safety and security within a sports stadium. 

● Discuss the consequences of deficiencies in safety management in relation to major events. 

● Explain the relevant legislation, regulations, and standards that apply to the maintenance of safety and security and the running of events in sports stadiums to include safety legislation and industry standards and codes.  

● Examine the roles and legal responsibilities of the various agencies and statutory bodies involved in the running of events.

● Examine the role of a safety management plan and stadium policies and procedures in the running of events. 

● Examine the role and responsibilities, and personal and professional qualities required of a sports stadium steward in organising and running events 

● Discuss the principles of crowd safety, including crowd behavior and crowd control. 

● Discuss the chain of command and methods of communications involved in the management of an event. 

● Analyse potential risks to the sports stadium steward. 

● Analyse procedures for a response to major incidents and medical emergencies. 

● Discuss the role and content of a major incident plan. 

● Carry out the duties and procedures required of a sports stadium steward 

● Respond appropriately to safety incidents and emergencies. 

● Employ appropriate security, fire, health, and safety procedures in a variety of settings. 

● Select and use a variety of supporting security and safety tools and equipment to support the work of the sports stadium officer in dealing with a range of incidents in a variety of security settings. 

● Employ principles of crowd control and safety within the context of legal constraints. 

● Act decisively in emergency situations in accordance with best practice and operating procedures.

● Employ appropriate communication skills in the management of emergency situations, dealing with patrons and communications with colleagues 

● Employ appropriate procedures for the recording of incidents. 

● Work effectively as a sports stadium steward in the management of safety and security issues. 

● Use appropriate communications and customer service skills in a variety of situations in a sports stadium.

● Respond to safety deficiencies, and breaches of safety procedures.


Course Delivery:


This course is delivered in person or online. 

Please note that all training spaces meet social distancing requirements.

All participants must be available at the time of training.



Examination consisting of a Multiple Choice Theory Paper & 3 Practicle Assessments.

Entry Requirements
No previous experience is necessary. 


Required Information


All participants must bring a form of identification (Passport, Driving Licence, or Public Services Card) and 2 Passport sized photos.


The price for this course is €235.00 which includes administration and certification.

Further Assistance:

If you have any questions about the above course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link below.

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