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VDU Risk Assessments, also known as Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments (DSE) are set in law under the “2007 General Application Regulations”. These Online VDU/DSE Assessments are perfect for remote workers who are working from the office or working remotely.


Who Should Attend?

It is set in law that all employers are required to undertake Visual Display Unit (VDU) Assessments on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 hour per day. This includes at home or in the office.

Outline of Service

  • Reduce workplace injuries which lead to absences from the workplace 

  • Compliance with health and safety legislation

  • Employees will have the unique workplace that they need to carry out their work

  • Increase workplace productivity and wellness throughout 


Duration & Assessment

Each individual will take part in an online class session where each of the participants will learn about the importance of VDU Assessments and the legislation surrounding the assessments. When the course is complete we will issue the online form to both you and your employees to complete. Once all the forms are complete we will then spend 20-30 minutes assessing your work station, depending on the individual’s needs or predefined injuries. Once assessed, the reports are sent to the employer.  



We will complete a full report in order to comply with the legislation and the VDU assessment process should be renewed if:

  • an employee’s job changes and as such changes their workload on a day to day basis; or

  • if they make a desk move or if their physical abilities change



We require that the person being assessed takes part actively in the assessment in order to maximise the results. The person should have access to a camera to show the assessor their VDU/DSE workstation.


In Addition

We can carry out the training sessions and workstation assessments in person. If you wish to avail of this service please call us today for more information.

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