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Covid 19 Return to Work

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Helping you ensure a safe return to the workplace! (2 Hours Duration)


About this course:

  • This presentation will brief/train your staff before they return to work. Our presentation takes account of the requirements within our Government Return to Work Safely Protocol.

  • It assists with compliance as required by the Health & Safety Authority (H.S.A.).



Aims of the Course:

The aim of this course is to allow the learner to return to work safely.

To have a broad knowledge of safe working practices during Covid 19.

  • To be able to set up a safe working environment for customers and visitors.

  • Objectives of this Course:

  • To have a working knowledge of How Covid 19 affects the workplace.

  • How to deal with the signs and symptoms of coworkers.

  • To have the necessary knowledge of the legislation.

  • How to manage Covid 19 in the workplace.

  • The course will be interactive based and the learners will interact with the trainer to ensure that all learners go away with a working understanding of how to manage Covid 19 in the workplace.


Learning Outcomes:


Upon completion of the COVID-19 Return to a Work training course, attendees will cover the following modules:


● What is COVID-19, understanding the virus?

● How is COVID-19 spread, signs, and symptoms?

● COVID-19 compliance coordinator (C-19 compliance officer)

● Risk Groups.

● Workplace preparations.

● Management of Covid-19.

● Infection control, hand hygiene, cough etiquette & social distancing.

● Personal Protective Equipment.

● First Aid.

● Managing close working.

● Dealing with Covid-19 Suspects & Confirmed Cases.

● Cleaning & Waste Management.


Certification & Assessment:


● Multiple choice examination & Skills Demonstration.

● Delegates who successfully complete this course will receive a Secusafe Safety Certification in COVID-19 Return to Work Training.


Course Delivery:


This course is delivered live online through Microsoft Teams or Zoom with an experienced trainer who has relevant industry experience. Our trainer is available online after the training for anyone who has further queries or requires assistance. On successful completion and submission of the questionnaire, participants will receive a Secusafe Training Certificate upon successful completion.


Please note that you also have an option for the delivery of this course through a classroom setting. If you wish to avail of this option, you will be required to have a training space suitable for both your staff members and our trainer to be socially distanced. If you require us to provide a space for training, you will be guaranteed that our training spaces are adequate for allowing both your staff and our trainer to social distance during the training session.


Please note that at the time of booking you will be required to have the final total number of staff members who are to be trained available. Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to the above.


Further Assistance:

If you have any questions about the above course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link below.



Covid 19 Information:

If you require any up to date information on Coronavirus please visit the HSE Covid 19 Page (Click here)

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