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Manual Handling Training


Minimise the Risk of Injury


About this course:


Are you aware that 33% of accidents in the workplace are caused by Manual Handling related incidents?  


All employers must ensure that all their staff must attend Manual Handling Training or hold a current certificate in Manual Handling before they begin working. All Manual handling certificate must be updated every 3 years 


Aims of Manual Handling Training:


This Manual Handling Training course will enable participants to lift and handle loads safely and recognise a load that is too heavy or awkward.


Who should attend Manual Handling Training?


Under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007, it is a requirement that ALL employees attend Manual Handling Training with particular emphasis on anyone who is engaged in the lifting and handling of loads.


Course Content:


Health and Safety Legislation

The Musculoskeletal System Posture and Back Pain

Manual Handling Risk Assessment T.I.L.E.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)

Statistics in Relation to Manual Handling

Manual Handling Injuries

Safe Manual Handling

Manual Handling demonstration  

Anatomy of the spine and muscular system

The basic principles of Safe Lifting


On completion of this Manual Handling Training Course the participants will be able to:


● Recognise a load that is too heavy, awkward, slip, or cold.

● Understand the limitations of the spine and the muscular system

● Competently carry out a Manual Handling Risk Assessment

● Competently lift and handle loads safely

● Awareness on the dangers of careless and unskilled methods of Manual Handling techniques

● Overview on the legislation relating to Manual Handling

● Competently carry out Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

● Understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment


The practical element of this training incorporates: -


● Lifting to and from ground level

● Lifting to and from a height

● Lifting from waist height 

● Pushing

● Pulling

● Team lift


Duration of Course:


This course is 3 hours long.




Examination 10 Multi choice questions.


Course Certification:


Upon the successful completion on the Theory of Practical elements of Manual Handling Training the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Course Delivery:


This course is delivered live online through Microsoft Teams or Zoom with an experienced trainer who has relevant industry experience. Our trainer is available online after the training for anyone who has further queries or requires assistance. On successful completion and submission of the questionnaire, participants will receive a Secusafe Training Certificate upon successful completion.


Please note that you also have an option for delivery of this course through a classroom setting. If you wish to avail of this option, you will be required to have a training space suitable for both your staff members and our trainer to be socially distanced.


If you require us to provide a space for training, you will be guaranteed that our training spaces are adequate for allowing both your staff and our trainer to social distance during the training session.


Please note that at the time of booking you will be required to have the final total number of staff members who are to be trained available. Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to the above.


All participants must be available at the time of training.


Further Assistance:

If you have any questions on the above course, please do not hesitate to contact us through the link below.

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